Better Travel
With World eSIM

World eSIM allows you to use the internet worldwide.
No more switching SIM cards or searching for public WiFi.

Better Travel With World eSIM

Where do you need internet?


  • North America・Hawaii

  • Asia・Oceania

  • Europe

  • Latin America

  • Middle East

  • Africa

  • ALL

What is eSIM?

  • No need to replace the SIM card

    No need to replace the SIM card

  • No need to pick up and return

    No need to pick up and return

  • Easy instant activation

    Easy instant activation

  • Apply anytime, anywhere

    Apply anytime, anywhere

How to Use

  • How to Use①

    Download App *1

    click here to download.

  • How to Use②


    Select your destination and plan.

  • How to Use③

    Installing & Activation

    Follow the instruction to complete the set up.*2

  • How to Use④

    Setup is now Complete

    Enjoy your travel!

*1 You can purchase and install without downloading the app.
*2 How to install might be slightly different by setting up via app or website.

How to set up an eSIM

Reasons for Choosing World eSIM

Customer Comments

  • Instantly usable with just one smartphone. Truly impressive!

    During my recent trip to the United States, I carelessly forgot to arrange for an internet solution. I figured that since the US has more free WiFi spots compared to Japan, things would work out somehow. However, once I started experiencing it firsthand, it was quite inconvenient. It felt like a waste during my precious trip to the US that I had to go through the hassle of connecting to WiFi every time I moved around. So, I started looking for available services, and that's when I found this one. After signing up, I was able to use the internet within just 5 minutes. Discovering such a convenient solution truly left me amazed!

  • I am glad to have less luggage for overseas business trips!

    I have many business trips to Europe and have been renting mobile WiFi. Picking up and returning the device at the airport consumed time, so I decided to try eSIM for the first time. Not only relieved of the hassle of picking up and returning the WiFi, but I also found it much more comfortable than I had expected, as I now have one less piece of luggage to carry on my business trip. I will continue to use eSIM for my overseas business trips, using more capacity when I have online meetings and less when I don't.

  • I use it every time for international travel!

    I like to travel abroad, especially to Asia. I often go twice a month, so I am glad to have an Internet service like World eSIM that is easy to apply for and produces no waste. World eSIM supports more than 180 countries, so I don't have to compare and choose a different service when my destination changes. Another point I like about World eSIM is that I can recharge my capacity immediately in case I run out of it. And, what can I say, it is inexpensive! I have introduced this service to my friends who like to travel abroad.