How to Set up your eSIMiOS
(Using a QR code)

Please be sure to check below
  • A stable internet connection is required for installation and activation.
  • Expiration date varies on a plan. Please confirm the plan at the time of purchase.

Please be sure to have the following items ready

  • Devices that use World eSIM

    Please prepare a SIM-free device or an unlocked device that is compatible with SIM.

  • Internet environment(Wi-Fi,etc.)

    Device must be connected to the Internet.

  • QR Code

    You can check it on the app and on My Page.
    *It will also be sent to you by e-mail.

  • Smartphone, PC or Tablet

    Required to view the QR Code.
    Print QR Code on paper.

How to set up your eSIM

The eSIM setup is completed in the following two steps.

  1. STEP1Installing eSIM
  2. STEP2Device settings

STEP1Installing eSIM

※Please note that the usage period starts as soon as activation is completed.


After applying for the service, you will receive a QR code to the setup screen.
Please scan it via your iPhone/iPad that uses eSIM.

  • Please be sure to read the QR code with your iPhone/iPad
  • QR codes can be read with the default camera.
    ※iOS version 13 or later is required. Those with version 12 or lower need to update.
  • General QR code apps cannot read the code.
  • If preparing a separate device (such as a computer or smartphone) to display the QR Code is challenging, consider printing it in advance or sending a screenshot to your companion for display.

The eSIM loading (profile installation) will begin.

  1. Tap "Continue" to begin installation.
  2. Tap "Done" after completing the mobile communication settings.

Select "Personal" as the default line and tap "Continue".

※Depending on the type of eSIM, options other than 'Personal' may be displayed. In such cases, please select an option other than 'Primary Line".


There is no need to set up iMessage or FaceTime. Tap "Continue".

※To continue sending and receiving messages through iMessage or FaceTime with your current phone number, please select 'Primary Line.' You can edit this setting later if needed.


Select "Personal" for mobile data communication and tap "Continue".

※If there is "Allow Cellular Data Switching" displayed, do not turn on.


Installation of World eSIM is now complete.

STEP2eSIM connection settings on the device management screen


Go to Settings and tap "Cellular".


Tap the newly added eSIM.


Enable "Turn On This Line" and also enable "Date Roaming".


Setup is complete!!

This eSIM setup os now complete.
Operational procedures may vary depending on your device settings, operating system, update version, and other factors.

Change of settings after return
  • To modify the settings upon return, select the carrier service at "02" and restore the settings at "03".