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My First World eSIM
What is an eSIM?
This service enables users to establish profile information on the SIM card integrated into their smartphones, facilitating Internet connectivity across different countries and regions. Unlike WiFi devices that require constant portability, smartphones equipped with this service offer a smarter solution for Internet access.
Please note that this service is not available except SIM-free or SIM-unlocked eSIM compatible smartphones.
Which one should I purchase?
First of all, choose the country or region where you intend to utilize the service.
Then, proceed to the purchase page where you can select a plan based on the amount of your data requirements and the duration of your usage.
For example, a plan with 50GB of data and a usage period of 30 days will allow you approximately 1.6GB of data per day.
What if I want to use the service in more than one country?
We offer wide range of excursion packages.
Kindly select from the following excursion plans based on the country or region you would like to visit:

Round Trip to Asia & Oceania A
Tour of Asia & Oceania B
Round trip to Europe
Round the World A
Round the World B
Steps to use the service
What is the process of using the service?
1. Ensure that your smartphone supports eSIM technology.
2. After completing your purchase, you will receive an email containing setup instructions within about 5 minutes.
3. Follow the guidelines provided either through the World eSIM application or via email to finalize the setup process.
4. Once the setup is finalized, you can seamlessly access internet communication services in your country or region.
When can I start communicating after purchase?
You will receive the necessary eSIM setup information, including profile details, via email approximately 5 minutes after your purchase. The setup process typically takes around 5 minutes, and you will be able to use your eSIM immediately after the setup is complete.
Please be aware that this service is exclusive to the country plan you have purchased and cannot be utilized in any other country plan.
When does the usage period begin?
Your usage period will begin upon completion of the activation process in the designated country or region.
Where can I find my purchase?
You can review your purchase details and history within the "Order History" section of your World eSIM application or website account.
Setup Connection and How to Use
What is the process of setting up?
You will receive your profile information (QR code) via email approximately 5 minutes after your purchase.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone and follow the provided instructions to complete the setup process.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the appropriate setting page based on your device:

iOS: Easy App Setup
iOS: QR Code Setup
Android: Easy App Setup
Android: QR Code Setup
When should I do the setup?
A stable Internet connection is required for eSIM setup.
Setup timing depends on the plan you purchased.
For more details, please check the details of the purchased plan in My eSIM.
Can I check the amount of data traffic I have used?
Please install the World eSIM app in advance to conveniently monitor your real-time data usage.
Please note that certain plans may not support data usage monitoring within the app. In such cases, please check directly on your smartphone.
To check your data usage on your smartphone, please click here
What happens if I run out of purchased data communications?
Data transmission will be suspended or speed will be limited even within the purchased usage period.
You can access My Page from the World eSIM app or website to recharge additional data capacity within your usage period.
What happens after the purchased usage period?
After your usage period has expired, you will not be able to use your data allowance regardless of availability.
If you have exceeded your usage period, kindly consider purchasing another plan that meets your required usage period and data allowance.
Can I extend the period of use?
If you are still within your usage period, you can easily add additional charges by accessing My Page through the World eSIM application or website.
However, once the usage period has ended, you will not be able to use the remaining data allowance.
If you have exceeded your usage period, please consider purchasing another plan with the required usage period and data allowance.
Can I change plans after purchase?
Plans cannot be changed after purchase. Please ensure to carefully review the selected country and region, data capacity, and usage period before completing your purchase, as we are unable to process cancellations or refunds
When can I begin using the additional data capacity I have purchased?
When you run out of the data capacity you are using, the system will automatically switch to the additional charged data capacity.
Trouble / Defect
I did not receive an email with my profile information after purchase.
After placing your order, we will send you an email from "[email protected]" within approximately 5 minutes. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder, as it may have been filtered there. Even if you do not receive it, you can scan the QR code provided in My eSIM or set up easily through the app. If there is an error in your registered email address or if you cannot find the email, please contact us here.
I have deleted the eSIM I installed.
If you delete your eSIM, you will not be able to reinstall it and will not be able to use it.
Please be sure not to delete the eSIM until the end date of use. In case you accidentally delete the eSIM, you will need to purchase it again.
I cannot install.
If you see the message "eSIM could not be set up."If the installation does not work, please restart your smartphone (power off → on) and try reading the QR code again or installing it manually.
*The same message may appear if the SIM lock has not been unlocked.

When you see the message "eSIM cannot be added (not valid)" / "There is a problem with the eSIM" Installation can only be done once per eSIM. If the installation has already been completed, or if you have tried to install multiple times, the above error message will appear.
Please note that if the installed eSIM is deleted, it cannot be reinstalled.

How to confirm installationIf the purchased eSIM has been added, the installation is complete.
Additionally, the presence of two separate antennas serves as an indicator that a new eSIM has been installed.
I cannot activate.
When the message "Unable to activate" is displayedActivation (start of usage period) is confirmed once the installed eSIM connects to the supported network in your country.
If the eSIM is installed in a country other than your designated country of use, the activation error message may appear.
Please ensure that the installation has been completed successfully.
Kindly note that if you delete the installed eSIM, you won't be able to reinstall it.
Communication is not available even though activation has been completed.
Please check 【Mobile Communication】/【Mobile Data Communication】.

【Mobile Communication】(Please select the target eSIM)
・Is the line set to "On"?
・Please ensure the data roaming is turned on.

【Mobile Data Communication】
・Is the line switched to a line other than the main line?
・Is the permission to switch mobile data communication set to "Off"?
If you cannot use the Internet after completing the profile installation
To enable Internet communication, you need APN (Access Point Name) information. If you are using a budget SIM (like UQmobile, IIJmio, mineo, LINEMO, etc.), you may encounter difficulties communicating with the "APN configuration profile" installed.

Example for iPhone "Settings" > "General" > "VPN and Device Management" > Tap "Configuration Profile to be deleted" > Tap "Delete Profile

*After deletion, you can reinstall it from the carrier sites or other sources.
Cancellation after purchase
Can I cancel because I no longer plan to use it?
Once purchased, no cancellations or refunds will be made, regardless of whether or not communication is used.
I deleted my installed eSIM, can I get a refund?
Cancellation refunds are not available if an eSIM is accidentally deleted.
Please be careful not to delete it as you will need to purchase it again.
Can I cancel because my smartphone was not eSIM compatible?
Cancellation refunds are not available after purchase.
Please ensure that your device is compatible with eSIM before making a purchase.
Can I cancel the plan I purchased, because I purchased the wrong amount?
Refunds and cancellations are not available after purchase.
Please review your order details carefully to ensure accuracy before completing your purchase.
Other Services
Can I make voice calls?
You cannot make voice calls using phone numbers with eSIM.
Please use internet calling features such as those available in LINE or Instagram, which are accessible through internet communication.
Can I get a receipt?
You can request a receipt by accessing 'Account' > 'Order History' > 'Order Details' on the app or website.
The receipt will be sent to the email address you provided within 10 minutes of your request.
What payment methods are available?
Payment is by credit card only.
*Debit cards with credit card branding are also accepted.
Supported brands: Visa, Master, JCB, American Express, Discover, and Diners.
Can I use tethering?
Yes, tethering is available. Please refer to the following instructions:

For iOS:
1. Go to "Settings" from the home screen and tap on "Mobile Communication".
2. Ensure that "Mobile Data Communication" is set to the eSIM data plan, then tap on "Internet Sharing".
3.Turn on "Allow others to connect". You can set a password from this screen.
4.Tap "Turn on Wi-Fi" if you want to use tethering as WiFi.
*Please note that availability may vary depending on your device or the settings of the recipient.

For Android:
*The steps may differ based on your device.
1. Open the "Settings" screen of your device.
2. Go to "Network & Internet", then tap on "Hotspot & Tethering".
3. Tap on "Wi-Fi Hotspot" and toggle on "Wi-Fi Hotspot".
If the tethering setting is disabled or inaccessible, you may need to configure the APN settings manually.
Please refer to [STEP2] in "How to Set Up eSIM on Android" for instructions.
*Please be aware that it may not be available depending on your device or the recipient's settings.